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LED Retrofits

Upgrade your lighting and save money with our hassle-free LED retrofitting service - backed by free audits, customized solutions, and efficiency rebates across Canada!

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LED Retrofits

Efficient Lighting Made Easy: 6 Benefits of LED Lighting Retrofitting

  • switch inefficient lighting to efficient LED lights

  • we can incorporate dimmers and timers as well as right sizing your lighting needs

  • we do a free audit on your existing lighting

  • we incorporate efficiency rebates provided in each province

  • we do all the paperwork for you including government forms

  • we employ our own electricians and have a network of sub contractors across Canada

Upgrade to Efficient LED Lighting for Any Space with Our Versatile Conversions

Sports Field Lighting
Parking Lot Lighting
Commercial Buildings
Apartment Buildings


Manufacturing Plants
...and More

Our clients include

When Should You Consider a Lighting Upgrade?

There are plenty of reasons as to why to consider upgraded lighting in your facility. Here are some questions to ask yourself if Retrofitting is right for you.

  • Would you like to find out what it is costing you to light your facility? (the cost of ownership)

  • Do you want to reduce energy usage in your business?

  • Are you looking for an investment to further enhance the value of your building?

  • Did you know that many energy-saving projects qualify for incentives from your provincial government?

  • Are you interested in reducing the operating costs of your business while maintaining or increasing light quality?

  • Is pollution reduction and “going green” priorities for your business?

What are the benefits of having LED Lighting?

Better lighting will provide energy savings and reduce your business’ overhead. Your customers will also experience better light quality, improved safety on site and increased productivity. 

How do I Start My Lighting Retrofit Project?

The best way to start is to contact one of our team, it will be important to discuss your specific needs, any budget concerns you may have, your timeline and any other goals you may have before getting started.


Our dedicated team has over 15 years of experience.

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